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Welcome to Mayreau!

Mayreau is located about 5 miles South of Canouan, 4 miles North of Union, 3 miles East of the Tobago Cays. As such it is the ideal island for a "land and sea vacation", meaning that you could be shore based mornings and evenings, and have your private yacht anchored in the bay ready to take you on daysails to the neighboring Grenadines.

Mayreau churchMayreau has a population of about 250 in the village on the highest hill "Station Hill" of the island. From the top where the charming little church and community center are located you have a spectacular view over the islands, on clear days you can see both Grenada and St. Vincent! And of course the nearby islands, including the pretty colors of the reefs and waters around the Tobago Cays.

If you love beaches, this island is the place to be! On the Northern leeward coast is the prettiest bay and beach of the Grenadines, Salt Whistle Bay. This is a perfect half moon beach, fringed by palmtrees, with a little sandspit about 50 yards wide separating the rougher Atlantic side from the calm Caribbean side. The bay is very popular, lots of yachts want to be anchored here, but there is only room for about 20 of them, so no worries, the beach will not be overcrowded.Salt_Whistle_bay_full
The windward side of Salt Whistle bay is good for kitesurfing, just anchor the yacht in the calm leeward bay, take your stuff ashore and enjoy the Atlantic!
The Southern leeward beach is Saline Bay, which is the better and safer harbour for yachts when Salt Whistle Bays is full, this a huge white beach, normally calm waters, closer to the village. Sometimes a cruiseship is anchored just offshore, which turns the beach in a very busy place, I recommend that you don't go there then but to one of the Windward beaches, miles of them and good snorkeling!

Mayreau also has fantastic diving right around the island, or it is just a short hop to the Tobago Cays.

Travel tip: Combine your stay in Bequia with a cruise through the Grenadines on one of our crewed charter yachts

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