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Tobago Cays map with names
Tobago Cays entrance from drone
tobago cays baradal beach looking South
Tobago Cays reef
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the tobago cays

The Tobago Cays are one of the highlights of the Grenadines.
In reality they look even better than the pictures, in my years of chartering I had many people ask if they put dye in the water.
They consist of 4 uninhabited islands within the “Horseshoe Reef” and 1 (Petit Tobac) outside the reef. The Tobago Cays are a very short distance from Mayreau, PSV/PM and Union Island.
All of the Tobago Cays and Mayreau are the Tobago Cays Marine Park. Visitors are charged a nominal fee (4 $US per person at the moment 2018).
When you anchor in the main anchorage there is nothing between the boat and Africa (except for Sail Rock),but you are very well protected against the ocean waves by the reef.

How to get there: 

You can only visit them by boat, ideally of course with a crewed yacht which will give you the most flexibility time wise. Alternatively, there are numerous day-charter options.
Snorkeling at the reef is excellent, and swimming with turtles is in a protected area at the main anchorage.
Coming from the North you enter in the “cut” between Petit Bateau and Petit Rameau. This cut by the way is also the calmest anchorage when it is windy. See maps and aerial views at right.



  • Petit Rameau
    has the calmest anchorage behind its South Western point. No beach to speak of, but piles of empty conch shells, probably centuries old from when fishermen used to camp here.
  • Petit Bateau
    has two beaches, one facing the “cut”, also a calm anchorage when it is windy, but a favorite for cruise ships to take their passengers to so in the season quite crowded.
    The other beach faces the main anchorage, and is a favorite location for beach BBQ’s organized by the various vendors that commute to the Cays from Union Island.
    I highly recommend this as a meal ashore during a yacht charter! Good food, very reasonably priced, bring your own drinks.
    Tobago Cays between PetitRameau and Petit Bateau
    Tobago Cays Petit Rameau
    tobago cays baradal and reef
    Tobago Cays Jamesby
    Tobago Cays Baradel beach
    Tobago Cays from Baradel
    Tobago cays Jamesby
    Tobago Cays snorkeling at Baradal
    turtle tobago cays
    Tobago Cays Ray
    Tobago Cays from Petit Rameau
    tobago cays baradal beach looking South
    Tobago Cays Baradel looking South
    Tobago Cays at the reef looking South
    Petit Tobac
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    There is a path between the 2 beaches, at dusk this path is also frequented by lots of large landcrabs. At the Southern end of the beach is a rocky path up the hill, bring shoes!. From the hill you have a wonderful view over the anchorage with Petit Tobac and Sail Rock in the distance.
  • Baradal
    is THE anchorage from where you see turtles when they pop up for air between the anchored yachts  and you can swim with them whilst snorkeling.
    Around  the entire South Western end is a no anchoring area, cordoned off with a rope. You can swim safely within the roped off area.
    The beach is ideally situated for kite surfers to prepare their gear and take off.
    There is a path up the hill (bring shoes! the soil gets very hot). Very often you will see Iguanas in the trees.
    From the top you have a wonderful view over the Horseshoe reef surrounding the Cays and towards the islands South (Jamesby, PSV, PM and Union).
  • Jamesby
    is the smallest and quietest of the Cays. The anchorage is the most exposed to choppiness when it is windy. From the beach you can hike up to the top where you have a beautiful 360 view of the Cays and the Southern Grenadines. Up here it is surprisingly calm, often no wind at all.
  • Petit Tobac
    is outside the reef and has very little space to anchor. The rum and fire scene in Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed here.
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Top of the Tobago Cays!

Ever Been to this Magical Place? New Years Day on Top of the Tobago Cays, we can see the entire Southern Grenadines from here. This is one to Share.

Posted by Radio Grenadines on Friday, January 4, 2019

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